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Manchester, CT
(860) 515 0964
Thur-F 2-7 Sat-S 10-5

About Us

We believe that health and happiness go hand in hand. Which is
why we choose to use the finest bath & spa products. Creativity
and curiosity are two important traits we strive to implement in all
of our services and activties. Whether it is by creating their own
skin care line or having an outer space pedicure, kids will have an
amazing time at Bubbly Spa.

Who Are We

We write on the walls in crayon, feed our dog under the table,
play in the mud, climb trees in dresses. We are the explorers and we
are not afraid of the dark, (at least when our nightlight is on).
we appreciate dew drops on flowers in the morning. In the summer
we run barefoot through our sprinklers. we wish upon a star
but we believe streetlights are a perfectly fine alternative.
we laugh often, love freely and judge no one. We believe in
the dreams of all creatures both young and old. We live everyday
to the fullest.We believe every child, man, woman or beast has
the right to live a happy and enriching life.
We Imagine. We Hope. We Dream. We Learn. We Create.

what others say

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